Get Involved

Getting involved with ReachOut’s work means you’re helping to create better tomorrows for teachers and children in some of the most disadvantaged communities in the world. What’s more, you’re supporting a project committed to helping break the cycle of poverty in the only way it can truly be achieved: through education.

We need you to help us:

  1. raise enough funds to allow our ground-breaking work to continue. Whilst all of our consultants give their time for free, we still need to pay for things like flights and accommodation. We also aim to provide every teacher on a ReachOut programme with the materials that they need to support their development.

    Fundraising can be great fun, and help you develop skills you didn’t even know you had! We love the idea of school to school support on a global scale. If you do too, please check out the fundraising ideas below!

  2. increase our capacity to provide great trainingAre you an outstanding teacher or educational consultant with a track record of improving classroom practice? Are you looking for a way to help others and gain some fantastic experiences in the meantime? We want to hear from you! The only way we can reach more schools is by having more consultants on board willing to give their time to help others.

    If you can help us in this way, please get in touch with Isabella Wallace at

Whole school ideas for fundraising!

Looking for a way to help raise funds to support us? Everyone can get involved in these activities. If you have any more ideas, please let us know!

    • Battle of the bands – always a winner, older ones will love organising the event
    • Foreign Currency exchange – ask students and parents to donate their leftover holiday coins. Once you’re done, get in touch with us and we’ll let you know what to do next.
    • Charity Lunch – why not choose a theme with your class or invite a chef from a local restaurant to cook and the pupils make a set donation for this extra special scrumptious treat
    • Coin trail – ask every pupil to bring in spare change, lay them all out in a trail and see how far around the school you can get
    • Disney day – a magical twist to your usual mufti day. Ask pupils to pay a set donation to dress up as their favourite Disney character for the day
    • Fancy dress – ask all the pupils (and teachers too) to dress up as their favourite character for a day and pay £1 for the privilege
    • Friday film night – finish the week on a high! Create a cinema in the hall and charge an entry fee to raise money
    • Get fit for good – organise a cyclathon for students and teachers to see if between you, you can cover the distance from your school to one of our partner countries!
    • Non-uniform day – an oldie but a goodie! We’d be honoured if you donated the proceeds of your next one to help teachers and pupils in our project schools
    • Olympics themed sports day – bring back the Olympic spirit by holding your own version. Why not split pupils into teams and give them names of countries for a real international flavour?
    • Penny drive – get students to donate their coppers with a small prize for the class that can raise the most
    • Playstation play-off – get your gamers competing against each other for a small entry free and a prize for the winner
    • Pyjama day – Ideal for nurseries and younger pupils but fun for everyone, ask pupils to come to school in their favourite pyjamas with a donation in hand
    • Silver collections – are your pupils feeling extra generous? Why not ask them to donate the silvers in their pocket instead of the coppers?!
    • Sponsored silence – challenge pupils to stay quiet!
    • Sponsored sleepover at school. To make this event even bigger you could join up with other local schools and hold one big sleepover
    • Sports day – Tie in your fundraiser with an existing sports day to make it as easy as possible.
    • Superhero teachers – sponsor teachers to dress as superheros for the day!

Get the community involved

Reach out to the wider community with some of these great fundraising projects.

            • Auction of Promises
            • Bag packing – supermarkets are often willing for charities to assist shoppers with their packing for a day to raise money
            • Community classes for pupils and parents – ask chefs, aerobics instructors, DIY experts and yoga teachers to donate their services for free and charge a small fee to attend classes and demonstrations
            • Compile a directory of the businesses and services that pupils’ parents and families offer. Raise funds through advertising.
            • Fireworks! Arrange a bonfire night with a small fee for entry.
            • Game nights; organise tournaments, sell tickets, arrange a raffle, etc.
            • Ironing day – can some of your parents donate their time to help out others?
            • Quiz nights – involve pupils in creating quizzes for friends, family and each other. Source prizes from local businesses and get quizzing
            • Restaurant night – arrange a restaurant night with food from the country of your choice. Ask students to cook the food and invite friends and family for a great evening. Why not choose one of our partner countries as the theme for the night?
            • Take to the countryside for a mass walkabout. Throw in a theme (fancy dress, singles, three legged, Easter), and charge for entry and refreshments.
            • Wine & cheese evening
            • Zumbathon – charge a fee for entry and get sponsored to get your dancing shoes on.

Enterprise projects

These projects are a double winner. Not only do they raise money for charity, they develop skills that employers love to see, so they can be good for the futures of your pupils too!

            • Art with a heart – use pupils’ artwork and turn it into fundraising products for parents to purchase
            • Cake sale – perfect for Great British Bake Off fans!
            • Candle making; as a great man once said, “It’s better to light one candle than to curse the darkness”.
            • Car wash – get the buckets and sponges out, there’s money to be made here…but perhaps only in the summer term!
            • Card making – perfect activity around Christmas when people are looking for something a bit unique to send.
            • Catalogue – a great way to promote your enterprising students’ skills. Perhaps one of your budding designers could design it?
            • Craft fair – celebrate the end of Enterprise projects
            • Enterprise projects – can your students turn £5 into £10?
            • Jewellery sale – buy beads and get threading!
            • Raffle – Exactly what it says on the tin – you could source prizes from local businesses and/or parents and sell tickets
            • Recipe book – get students and parents to pool their best recipes and collate into a community recipe book. Make sure you remember to record the name of the person who donated it next to the recipe! You could even get local restaurants and chefs to donate some of their secret recipes.
            • Auction services of from people and businesses – anything from singing lessons, ironing, gardening, chauffering and Zumba classes to dinner for two.
            • Uniform day for teachers, sponsored by pupils. You could even go a step further and flip the school for a day!

Fundraising ideas

We’d love to share your fundraising events with others, so whatever you’re doing to support us, please tell us! You can get in touch with Hannah at