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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela

ReachOut2Schools is an exciting new project which brings together educators and consultants to provide high quality professional development for teachers in impoverished schools overseas. Our objective is simple, but challenging; to facilitate the creation of learning environments that teach children the skills they need today to make for themselves better tomorrows.

Isabella Wallace founded ReachOut2Schools in 2013, realising an ambition she has held since 2010 when visits to township schools in South Africa touched her and inspired her to want to do something significant. For impoverished schools such as those in the South African townships and the disadvantaged areas of India and Nepal, education is the single most powerful means of providing children with self-determination and a real hope for the future. ReachOut2Schools aims to help schools in impoverished communities to do more of what needs to be done to break the cycle of poverty – and to do it better.

In many such schools a majority of teachers are under-qualified or hold no teaching qualification at all, and morale is low. Infrastructure and educational resources are an issue, but better buildings and more books will not get to the heart of the problem. Up-skilling teachers, improving morale, motivation, confidence and teachers’ ability to provide a high quality education for their pupils: these are the most pressing and urgent issues in impoverished communities.

Any education system stands or falls by the quality of its teaching profession.

How does the charity work?
ReachOut2Schools raises money to send consultants to schools in impoverished communities overseas to work with teachers to develop long-term, sustainable professional development programmes and to provide them with resources they need for implementation. All of our consultants provide their time for free; fundraising covers travel and accommodation expenses only. Following each visit we continue to mentor our “adopted schools” over a 12 month period and longer if necessary.

We work in partnership with Local Authorities and NGOs to identify the neediest schools, or ideally clusters of schools, where it is clear that we can make a real difference. A key criterion is that the schools we work with should be led by a principal who is completely committed to supporting his or her staff to improve their own knowledge and skills and that of their pupils.

Like our consultancy work in the UK, our ReachOut2Schools provision is inspiring, dynamic, research based, and provides practical strategies which have a demonstrable positive impact on teachers’ confidence and practice.

Do you want to help?
If you’d like to help us to send more consultants to schools in impoverished communities overseas then please click on our ‘Get involved’ page to find out how you can help.

If you are a teacher or educational consultant with a track record of school improvement and you would like to donate your time, please get in touch for a chat.